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Purchasing in China made simple

Have you ever wanted to buy products in China? Are you afraid of scams or low quality products?

We have the solution for you! 

Quality assesment

Quality is the base of any long term business. With 3 stage inspection for each supplier, we make sure all your products meet your standards so you never have to worry about RMA

Shipment on time

These days, shipping from China has became more or less of a nightmare. With our wide agent selection, we ensure your cargo will be shipped on time!

Supplier comparison

Have you ever searched ALIBABA for products but got overwelmed by the amount of suppliers and offers? Has any offer sounded too good to be true? We will visit them for you!

Pricing and product search

Are you looking for new ideas or new products but you dont know much about? We can help you investigate new markets!

Orders Follow up

We keep track of all yourr order to avoid unnecesary delays and ensure your delivery will be done in time!

Featured Work

“We wanted to start business in China but were afraif of scams and low quality. Global Laces really did provide a solution to us”

Mariano Almandoz – GM Tecnofast

“All in one solution for International Comerce. Made it all so easy. We used to spend our night worrying about purchases ”


“Great dinamics since day one. Made our first trade in 2017 and have never changed ever since. Wouldn’t be able to think of a better option”


Some of our products

We specialize in many industries, like beverages, health, and technology. With over 100 customers, the product you need, is the product we find. We have over 200 auditors all around china to find the perfect supplier for you